Dinko Peračić

Harbour Market in Vodice

Vodice is a tourist town on the Croatian coast, heavily expanded in recent transitional decades by numerous small private investments. Public domain was put aside and the priority was set on individual interests. Result was a superprivate condition with small areas left for improvement of common spaces.

The intervention had an ambition not only to tidy up the market place, but also rather to become a new element that would set a new order in this fragmented and degraded context. The shape of the roof didn’t come out only from its functional and aesthetic logic but also from the contours of existing irregular roofs. The shape of the new roof connects existing backside of the complex into an articulated architecture.

Another aim was to challenge local building skills by introducing new materials and solutions in order to raise the level of building quality, as an example for the local construction. Robot-cut laminated wooden beams, Teflon coated textile membrane roof, visible white concrete columns in special shapes, concrete floor that is a foundation, a finished pavement and a infrastructure surface at once, are some of those special elements.