Dinko Peračić

Modular Research Center

Faculty of Medicine, University of Split

New spaces for laboratories, lecture rooms and offices for the scientists on the Faculty of Medicine need to be constructed urgently on an efficient way. The fastest way to build it is to use standard modules, industrially produced and assembled on site. Although, the short construction period, in this case, must not be the excuse for the compromises in quality.  New research center is not to be a temporary construction, but a permanent solution. By this project we improve technical and formal design qualities of the modules. We provide architecture that may serve as a comfortable working space for the scientist and their students for the long time.

Empty modules are added on the outer sides of the building. They serve as the terraces and provide shadow on the southern and western façade. This enables full glazing of these facades and open up full frame views towards the sea.

Central corridors are extended to accommodate skylights. Vertical cut passes through all floors and ends up on the glazed and openable roof. Glass partitions divide working areas from the corridors. In all of them there are special ventilation openings. It provides daylight on all communication spaces and natural ventilation through the whole building. For the most of the working hours there will be no need for the artificial air-conditioning, ventilation and light. Working spaces enjoy all the best conditions of the Mediterranean climate.

Bougainvillea on the facades, blue juniper and cypresses around are the part of the natural processes; light changes, air flows, people activities and the growth and the seasonal changes of the plants. Modular construction is a simple framework that holds these processes together. The building is not the container for working activities, but a new living environment.

Author and designer of the architectural part: Dinko Peračić, ARP.

Chief designer and co-author of modular construction: David Kuzmanić mag.ing.aedif., Kuzmanić & Šimunović project.

Project team of the architectural part: Dinko Peračić, Miranda Veljačić, Zorana Šimunović, Hana Paleka, Ena Vladislavić, Tina Vukasović (artistic intervention, greenery on the facade), Damir Gamulin (spatial graphics).

Collaborators: Kuzmanić & Šimunović projekt, ŽAGAR, VOL-ING, TUB, Otis dizala, ZAST, CONEX-ST.

Visualizations: Domagoj Bolanča.

Photos: Damir Žižić.

Investor: University of Split.